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We are only accepting a short amount of guests at this time.
Be one of the few.
We are looking to share with those who appreciate us. When you Subscribe you will receive newsletters with some private mod links as we create them.
No promises of joy, just mods.. Those bring us joy.
You would figure this to be a family type of game, but the amount of cursing and ungratefulness  left in comments on the sites is embarrassing.
Young children play this game and download mods. Lets try to be more civil and help each other enjoy the game just that much more.

Some rules, submitting your email means you agree to these rules.
  • *No Reuploading mods to sites, Some of the 3d models belong to authors who have asked there work be presented in a certain way.
Subscribing and unsubscribing will get you Automatically banned from the server by our email client for 30 days. -- Don't sign up if you don't wish to receive the newsletters. You won't be able to download the next release.

We welcome your emails and questions!

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